GOOD Glutino Snacks!

Alright, so I felt kind of bad hating on Glutino in my last post. Yes, the breakfast bars were pretty bad. Not even pretty bad, they were terrible. But, I do like a lot of their other stuff. So, this post is dedicated to their stuff I do like! (No, its not sponsored).

1. Gluten Free Covered Pretzels– Fudge Flavor



These were a spur of the moment purchase. I was helping my boyfriend food shop (really just making sure he didn’t fill up his cart with potato chips and frozen pizzas) and we went into the gluten free aisle. I like to check out new products whenever I can, so when I saw these I grabbed them. And they are really good. I didn’t even like chocolate covered pretzels before I was GF so it was a pleasant surprise.

You can also purchase these in white chocolate flavor and I believe peppermint!

2. Vanilla Creme Cookies (Also available in chocolate-like an oreo type of thing)


Love these cookies. They don’t taste like typical gluten free cookies. They taste like regular cookies. I guess that sounds a little weird, but you know what I’m talking about. Just go out and buy them. I like the vanilla over the chocolate but that’s just a personal preference.

3. Wafers– Available in Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, and Lemon



These are the perfect lunch time snack. Not only do they taste good, they don’t break in your purse/bag when you carry them with you! I don’t know about you, but that’s a big problem I have had with gluten free products. There is an assortment of flavors, and I enjoy all of them. But lemon are definitely my favorite.

4. Toaster Pastries– Apple Cinnamon and Strawberry



Ok, so these are definitely a rip off of a PopTart, but I’m not complaining! They are probably one of my favorite gluten free snacks on the market right now. I first tried the Apple Cinnamon flavor, which was amazing, but then my food store never restocked them *cries.* But, they do have the strawberry which are also delicious. I have never actually put them in the toaster, I just eat them room temperature, but I am sure that would make them even better.

5. Genius by Glutino Cinnamon Raisin Bread 



I don’t eat bread often. Never have, probably never will. But this stuff is tasty. It’s really good for breakfast or just as a quick snack. It has the perfect amount of cinnamony goodness and raisins. I definitely recommend it.

There are many other Glutino products I would really like to try (crackers, pizzas, chocolate chip cookies, etc). However, gluten free foods are very expensive and I am a broke college student so I have to do it bit by bit. Maybe I’ll update you in the future when I try more.




2 thoughts on “GOOD Glutino Snacks!

  1. I like the chocolate-covered pretzels, too, though I have to say I’m a bigger fan of the Snyder’s of Hanover mini pretzels than Glutino’s. Still, I’m glad they’ve put out so many safe products, even if a few of them are duds. 🙂

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