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Coming Up: Restaurant Review, Interview With A Young Celiac, & A Day In A Gluten Free Household

Hey everyone! Thank you all for visiting The Gluten Free Guru. I hope everyone is enjoying my blogging. Over the next few weeks I will be posting a few new things that you can look out for.

By April 7th, I will be posting an audio post of an interview I did with 16-year-old Danielle Kitzinger. She will speak about what it is like being gluten free at such a young age.

A week after that I will be reviewing another gluten free restaurant, Uno Chicago Grill. I just recently found out they have a gluten free menu, which includes gluten free pizza and burgers (with gluten free buns!). It will be my first time going there, so it should be interesting.

Finally, by April 21st I will be posting a video with Paul McKean. He is a recent college grad who changed his own life when he moved in with his girlfriend, who lives a gluten free life. I plan on following him throughout a day to see how he adjusts to her lifestyle and how he helps her.


Stay Tuned for These!

Hey everyone! As you can all tell, this blog is very new and a little empty. But no worries, there will be some new and interesting posts in the near future for you all to look forward to!

On Feb. 23, I will be posting about dining out while gluten free. One of the biggest challenges of living a gluten free lifestyle is trying to find places to eat that offer safe gluten free options. These are hard to come by and a lot of thinking and research goes into it. Dining out is very rarely a spur of the moment thing for gluten free individuals and I hope to focus on how to make it easy and fun. I will hopefully be talking to some managers of restaurants that offer gluten free options in South Jersey, specifically PF Changs and On The Border. I will speak to them about what they offer and how they handle gluten free customers. I have personally been to both of these restaurants and have never had a problem so it will be interesting for me to learn how they do it so well. I hope you all find it interesting too!

Next, in two weeks, I will be posting a Q&A I did with one of my gluten free friend’s mom, Gerri Magsam. Her daughter has been gluten free for about three years now and she has been very involved and helpful in her daughter’s gluten free journey. I will be speaking to her about what she does to help her daughter, like cooking meals or grocery shopping. When her daughter’s life changed, hers did as well and she would love to share her views with me. It should be a good look at how going gluten free is a whole lifestyle and not just a diet and if affects everyone around you.

Finally, in three weeks I will be doing a photo gallery of a gluten free grocery shopping trip. I will be going to a local supermarket, ShopRite, along with one of my gluten free friends and will share what grocery shopping for gluten free food entails.  I will definitely have a lot of pictures to walk you through the process (it’s more complicated than you may think!). Hopefully I will be talking to a manager and get some good information about when the store started carrying gluten free products, how popular they are, and why they feel it is important to carry them.

If any of these sound interesting to you make sure to keep your eye out for them!