“Wow, You Can’t Eat Gluten? Your Life Must Suck.”

Yesterday I went to a lunch meeting with a few classmates to work on a group project. While we were ordering, I casually mentioned I couldn’t eat a lot of things on the menu because I can’t eat gluten.

One of my classmates then turned to me and said- “Wow, you can’t eat gluten? Your life must suck.”

This might sound like this would be offensive, but I am totally used to it. This is not the first time I had heard this response when I told someone about how I can’t eat gluten.

I always get interesting responses when people find out this piece of information about me. Here are some of the other things people have said to me:

  • “So how do you live?”
  • “That must be awful.”
  • “I definitely would not be able to do that.”
  • “I think I would kill myself.”
  • “How do you not eat bread?”

These are just a few.. I have gotten some other crazy ones as well.

I didn’t take offense when my classmate said my life sucked, and I don’t take offense when people say these other things to me as well.

Mostly, I’m just surprised when I hear them because living gluten free is something that is so normal to me now. I don’t think my life sucks or that I am in a bad situation. I actually feel that I am now healthier than most people because of it.

It’s just crazy how people can’t view things that they are not living themselves. It is like if they are not dealing with it in their own life then it is not possible for someone else to deal with it.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? I’d like to know.


One thought on ““Wow, You Can’t Eat Gluten? Your Life Must Suck.”

  1. Oh yes, every time I am out to eat with someone who does not know I am Celiac, I hear the same things. Then they want to know my symptoms, and how do I know I am Celiac.

    I feel bad, because my boyfriend has to hear the same story over and over again.

    I just try to let them know, that I am so happy that I know what has made me sick for 23 years of life. I have never felt this good, I can’t wait to see how my life gets better as I have less cross-contamination experiences.

    Follow our blog, for more gluten-free living tips, recipes, and so much more!


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