How My Boyfriend Deals With My Celiac Disease

I’m just going to apologize right now: this post might get a little mushy.

I met my boyfriend two years ago by fate (at least I think it was fate). We both weren’t supposed to go out the night we met. He was scheduled to work but someone picked up his shift at the last minute and I wanted to do anything but be dragged to another frat party by my best friend.

But somehow my friend won the battle that night and I ended up going out with her and meeting Rich.

I told Rich about my Celiac Disease the night we met. I wasn’t like – “My name is Bridget and I have Celiac Disease.” It just came up naturally. He just offered me beer and I had to turn it down and just explained why.

From the minute he found out, he was super cool and supportive of my lifestyle. For our first date, he let me pick a restaurant where I would feel comfortable eating. And for our first Valentines Day (which was still early in our relationship), he looked up safe restaurants on a gluten free registry so he could plan a surprise but still be safe for me *celiac girl swoon.*

And just the other day when I found out Milky Ways were not gluten free, he picked out all of the Milky Ways in the candy bowl he keeps for me at his house (yes, I really love candy).

He has definitely changed his own lifestyle a lot for me. And I could not be happier about that.

First off, he never gets mad or annoyed with me and my disease. Sometimes I get sick or sad about it, but he just comforts and takes care of me, instead of telling me to get over it.

Second, when we go on dinner dates, he tries to eat gluten free as well so we can share food. This is not something he has to do, but does it because it makes me happy.

Rich even keeps gluten free foods in his house for me (like the candy bowl). This leads to him eating less gluten as well.

He also always brushes his teeth and washes his hands after eating something with gluten that could hurt me. This is really important and he never complains.

Rich is now just more aware of everything we eat. He is always watching out for me. One time we went out to dinner and the waiter brought me flour tortillas instead of corn, and I only noticed because he pointed it out to me.

There’s many more things he does for me that won’t fit into just one blog post. I’m happy and lucky to have someone so great in my life. I don’t think there are many guys out there that will change their lives to accommodate yours, but I found one.


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