Tips for a Gluten Free Halloween

In a previous blog post I talked about which candies are safe and not safe for kids with gluten intolerances on Halloween. But what do you do when your child goes trick or treating and comes back with a bag of gluten filled candy? Here are a few things you can do instead of eating it all yourself:

1. Stop it before it happens. If the child is young enough, you can go up to doors with them when they pick the candy. You could encourage them to pick the ‘safe’ candy instead of the ‘unsafe’ kind.

2. Have a sibling or friend trade with them. One of my favorite parts of halloween was always laying out all my candy along with my brothers and sisters and trading ones we didn’t like. Its an easy way to end up with as much candy as you started with. This way, the child won’t feel bad if they have less because they had to give up the kinds they can’t eat.

3. Be honest with them. Warn them of which candies they can or can’t have. Then they won’t even bring home any gluten filled candy. Or when they come home, explain that they can’t have it and maybe replace it with some safe leftover candy you have.

Happy Trick or Treating 🙂



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