Van’s Snack Bar

Guys… I found my new favorite snack.



I have been looking for a good granola snack bar since I went gluten free. Nothing ever seemed to compare to Quaker Oats. But I finally found one.

Van’s whole grain snack bars are amazing. They don’t taste bland like other gf snack bars, they actually have flavor to them. They are even chewy and not hard to bite into like many others.

My favorite kind right now is the cranberry almond (as pictured above). But Van’s also has chocolate chip and peanut butter! Talk about delicious.

The bars are certified gluten free, so they are totally safe. They are made with gluten free whole oats and all other natural ingredients so they are also super healthy!

The only downside is they are a little pricy and there are only 5 bars per box. If it were cheaper I would be eating multiple bars per day!

I would definitely recommend trying them out. Let me know what you think 🙂


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