Gluten Free Restaurant Shout Out: On The Border

If you have never been to On The Border, get in your car and go now!

If you don’t have an On The Border near you, I feel bad for you.

First off, it is delicious Mexican food. From the chips to the sizzling fajitas, everything tastes pretty authentic (Tex-Mex authentic, that is).

Better yet, they have gluten free options! And they are actually good about it. They do not just say it is gluten free, it actually is gluten free and very safe. The waiters are always educated and informed about allergies and intolerances and know what you can and can’t have. They also always assure to tell the chef so there is no cross contamination.

I seriously love this restaurant. If PF Changs did not exist, it would definitely be my favorite. (P.S. look out for a future post about P.F. Changs!) I have never had a problem with their food. It is one of the only restaurants I feel safe eating at. They even have gluten free mixed drink options which is a plus.

Now that I’m writing about it… I’m craving it. Better go now and get some! Talk to you soon!


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