Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats

Who would’ve though RICE krispie treats wouldn’t be gluten free?! Well, surpsingly, they’re not. The normal Rice Krispie Treats cereals have malt flavoring, which is not safe for those with gluten intolerances or Celiac Disease. But thanks to Kellogs and their new Gluten Free Rice Krispie cereal, we can make our own!

Here’s my recipe (pretty much the same as anything you would find online :))


1 Stick of Butter (Yes, a whole stick!)

6 Cups Gluten Free Rice Krispie Cereal

1 Bag of Marshmallows (can be big or small marshmallows)


1. Heat up a large pot on a top burner of your stove. Spray the pot with cooking spray.

2. Once warm, drop the stick of butter in there and let it melt. Make sure to watch the heat and not to let the butter burn!

3. Dump marshmallows in bit by bit and let them all melt together into a nice sticky consistency. To be honest, I just drop them in there all at once and it works out fine.

4. Once you have the desired consistency, turn the heat down. You won’t need to melt anything else, but you still want to keep it warm for the next step.

5. Next, dump the first cup of cereal in there and start mixing. Gradually dump the rest in little by little and mix it all up. Soon it will look like a giant Rice Krispie treat.

6. This is where it gets tricky. Before the Rice Krispie mix starts to cool down, you have to pour it into a baking pan. I would have the pan prepped with cooking spray before you start baking the Rice Krispies.

7. Even out the Rice Krispies in the pan.

8. Then let them cool off, cut them, and enjoy!

**Halloween edition: add some orange food coloring to the marshmallows as they are melting. Voila!


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