Non-stomach Symptoms of Celiac Disease

When people think about the symptoms of Celiac Disease, they usually think about diarreha, vomitting, gas and other stomach problems. However, there are more symptoms to Celiac Disease other than just those relating to the GI tract. Celiac Disease can affect the entire body.

Before I was diagnosed, I never had stomach problems. I did have a lot of other issues that go overlooked in a lot of Celiac patient cases. Here are some of them:

  • Neurological Issues: People with Celiac Disease, and many other autoimmune disorders, often say they feel like they are in a constant fog. Its like you can’t focus on anything or even remember simple things. One time before I knew about the disease, I got lost driving home in my own town. Who does that? It was like I didn’t even remember what I was doing or where I was going.
  • Joint Pains: Usually these pains occur in the knees and hips, but can be experienced in any part of the body. They are a pain, literally and figuratively.
  • Imbalance: This goes along with neurological issues. I experienced this symptom before being diagnosed. Its like I couldn’t even stand up straight sometimes.
  • Acne: Although this has never been scientifically proven, there are many studies that suggest acne can be linked to Celiac Disease. However, once you go on a gluten free diet, it usually subsides.
  • Mouth Ulcers: These are the WORST! Many people with any autoimmune disorder suffer from these buggers. Those with Celiac who stick to a strict gluten free diets usually see an improvement.
  • Yeast Infections: Yes, I went there. Sorry, ladies. If you have Celiac Disease, you are more prone to yeast infections. Its a sad truth.

I am not a doctor. The above symptoms are just ones I have found through my research and have even experienced myself. I hope that maybe someone else with these same issues could find a solution to their problems.

Did you suffer from any other weird symptoms before being diagnosed? Let me know, I’m curious!


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