The Cake Mix Doctor Heals Your Stomach Cravings

Desserts. They are a part of everyday life. Most of the time when someone sees a baked good he or she will ask ‘Should I eat this?’ or ‘Is it worth the calories?’ before diving in. But those of us who eat gluten free have to ask ‘What exactly is this made with?’ We do not have the pleasure of just taking cookies or cupcakes when offered without thinking twice. However, there are a lot of gluten free recipes and cookbooks out there, like The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten-Free, that can help you bake a gluten free dessert, and actually make it taste good.

The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten-Free, by Anne Bryn, is a gluten free cookbook filled with recipes for many different desserts, including cakes, brownies, cookies, and bars. My mother actually discovered this book online when I first went gluten free a few years ago. And since then, we have been using it nonstop. Every birthday or holiday there is we whip the book out and pick a new recipe to try. And they are always a hit.

What I like most about the book (besides the delicious recipes) is how easy it is to use. Before I found out I had to go gluten free, I secretly wanted to be a pastry chef. I loved to bake and decorate cakes, and not to brag, but I was pretty good at it. However, when I went gluten free baking became more difficult because of the difference in ingredients I had to use. But this book has such specific directions that I just couldn’t mess up when I was following it.

There are a few desserts featured in the book that I frequently make. One in particular is the classic carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting. I was never a big fan of carrot cakes before I went gluten free, but for some reason I am just addicted to this one! The page in the book is so worn down from use I can barely read it anymore, but luckily I have the recipe memorized by now.

The next cake I like to bake often is the Boston cream pie cake. It is two layers of vanilla cake with a Boston cream filling in between and chocolate frosting on top. It is just delicious and one of the easiest cakes to make. If you decide to buy this book (which you should!) you should definitely try to make this cake first.

Finally, there is my favorite recipe in the book- the strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting. This one is also mouth watering and delicious. It is two layers of strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting between the layers and on top. Just like the Boston cream pie cake, it is very easy to make. Bryn even gives you directions on how to make the frosting!

If you would like to try any of these cakes I’ve mentioned and more, you can purchase the book on The Cake Mix Doctor’s website. Thanks for stopping by and good luck baking!


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